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Dr. Jung at 625 5th Avenue in New Westminster, British Columbia

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625 5th Avenue,
New Westminster, British Columbia
V3M 1X4
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Reviews about Dr. Jung

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    The worst experience I have ever had at a clinic . I waited HALF AN HOUR for my appointment before telling the staff I had to leave because I had to rush back work . The staff didn’t even apologize for making me wait so long and didn’t offer to rebook the appointment. Complete waste of my time . I waited half an hour but who knows how much longer I could have waited!!! They are completely unorganized and the staff were also extremely rude to patients , I was shocked . Not to mention Dr. Jung will not assess you properly and will rush you out the door.(as he did my first appt) This is the the most unprofessional clinic I have ever been to.
    by Nikki W
    February 11, 2019
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    Dr. Jung is always in a hurry to get you out the door. I realize they're a busy office but I think being thorough is important if you have skin conditions. I was there for psoriasis issues & I saw him twice but both times I felt like he was rushing to get rid of me. When I asked him about an issue that has nothing to do with my psoriasis he said I could ask about it but he didn't have much time to address it. So he looked at the discolouring on my chest & decided it was nothing. When I saw a GP at my clinic I was told it was a fungus. I'm surprised that someone trained to be a dermatologist couldn't see that. Then he checked my scalp on my 2nd visit & without parting my short hair he said you have no psoriasis on your scalp but when I got home, I checked & I do have psoriasis on my scalp still, you just have to look for it. Again, he was in too much of a hurry to have figured that out. If you want fast express service then Dr. Jung is the doctor for you but if you want thorough care from a doctor who actually cares, then you shld see someone else.
    by Sid B
    December 02, 2016
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About Dr. Jung in New Westminster

Dr. Jung is located at 625 5th Avenue, New Westminster, British Columbia.